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Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

(This website is about a bug that appears during or after installing Microsoft VISTA.)

It seems that under certain circumstances VISTA is not able to properly
detect the systemīs videos card and/or itīs video RAM. This strange
behaviour results in an error code 43 (you can view this under display adapters /
properties in the device manager [control panel]). Although it says that the hardware
reported an error this is not true in most cases. The problem is not a hardware
malfunction but the way VISTA manages the video card identification. There are many
people asking how to solve this problem all over the web no matter what video card
they own. This is obviously not an issue of a certain video card manufacturer!
For sure it is not solved by booting in safe mode, uninstalling drivers and
re-installing drivers.

To get rid of the code 43 error, get your videos card working as it should and being
able to install the correct drivers for your specific video card, we need to force
VISTA to use more system RAM instead of the video card RAM:

- Upon starting your system, enter BIOS (it depends on the manufacturer of your BIOS,
  normally hit F2 or DEL to do this)!
- Look for an option called "AGP aperture size" (itīs located under "Advanced Chipset   Features")
- Change its value to 128!
- Save your changes uopn leaving the BIOS!
- Boot your machine and check if your video card has been identified without error in the
  device manager. Now install the appropriate driver! Reboot and enjoy!
You can find more information about the AGP aperture size option at
Thatīs it! Hopefully it works for all of you! Please leave me some feedback, either by writing
an email (sate@code43.de) or signing my guestbook (sorry, not yet working)! Have a nice day!